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This product is sold through W+

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So what is EazyAds Local?

Create Engaging & High Converting Promotional Ads for Lead Generation, Better Conversions And More Sales for your local biz!

EazyAds Local enables you to easily create attention grabbing promotional content targeted at your local business niche to increase clicks on your Ads and social posts.

Using EazyAds Local gives you more clicks, leads, and sales.

The package features a collection of 1000 professionally designed Promotional Ad Templates in 20 very popular local biz niches and 26 different Ad sizes.

Designed solely in PowerPoint, the templates are very easy to use and edit.

Get more value for your Ad spend, no need for complicated software.

It only takes a few minutes to edit these templates.

Create unique designs for social feed posts, social branding, banner ads, display banners, and other ads.

Choose from over 1,000 ready to use EazyAds Local templates.

Our Funnel is Simple but Very Effective...

We Also Offer Amazing Commissions!

  • 50% Commission on FE - $27.00
  • 50% Commission on OTO 1 - $37.00
  • 50% Commission on OTO 2 - $37.00
  • 50% Commission on OTO 3 - $97.00

This product is sold through W+

W+ is an awesome platform and you can promote us for instant commissions!

To qualify for W+ instant payments you must have at least 50 sales in W+ or JVZoo.

50% Commissions Across The Whole Funnel!

The Funnel Explained

PLEASE NOTE: All The OTOs Compliment The FE Offer!

FE Product - 1000+ Pro Quality EazyAds Local Templates in 26 Different Sizes and 20 Top Local Biz Niches Fully Editable in PowerPoint @ $27

OTO 1 - 600 Pro Quality Business Branding Kit Templates in 12 Top Local Biz Niches and 152 Local Biz Flyers All Fully Editable in PowerPoint @ $37

OTO 2 - Stock Media Monster V1 6,000+ Royalty Free Stock Media Assets (Over 70 + Gig) @ $27

OTO 3 - Design Bundle 10 in 1 Design Bundle Software @ $47


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We have high-converting swipes for you to use. Use these as-is or for best results, customize them to be your voice and style and as inspiration for your own swipes...

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Are you aware that the only way to beat your competitors local business is for you to do completely the opposite of what they are not doing?

What makes your business different and stand out is not the size, it is how well you brand your business to your customers.

You will know that there are plenty of ways to grow your Local Business quickly?

Business growth strategies are not about just making sales, they are about managing your businesses growth and sustain it long term.

Always try to bring something new it is just that easy…

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There are enough local businesses out there already that take the path of least resistance, so by you doing things a little bit differently,
you will find a whole new niche within your industry.

What if i told you that i can help you with a practical solution in making your local business stand out, even expand and prosper again?

With my knowledge in growing businesses, i can help you with possible marketing solutions that will give your local business some much needed

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Subject 1: [BRAND NEW] 1000+ Pro Quality Local Biz Ad And Social Media Templates For cents each?
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Subject 3: [EARLY BIRD] 1000+ Beautiful High Converting Ad Templates Edited Easily Using PowerPoint!
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Hey {firstname}, I have got something truly amazing that i want to share with you today!

Let us begin with a harsh reality…

“I don not care how amazing your products are, if your graphics suck i am not buying it!”

This one sentence is enough to describe the importance of an image in your local biz online.

Now, the question is it an absolute must to edit your graphics before you add them to your social media channels or start an ad campaign?

The answer categorically is “yes”.

You may have put product graphics on your website but you have noticed that these graphics are not converting.

As a result you sales are not on the increase.

If you start a local business website online you will absolutely need to set targets. And that is to grow your sales month on month.

At the very beginning of your local business journey you need to advertise to sell your business and products by yourself to potential customers.

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Introducing EazyAds Local

EazyAds Local will assist you to successfully market your products and attract plenty of new customers, but you will definitely need to use very high
quality graphics which showcase your products or service in the best light.

Quality graphics always attract immediate attention from a visitor, a potential customer will always look at the website or ad images first before
making a buying decison.

Having perfect product graphics that stand out from the crowd can be the difference in your local business succeding online.

Their are certainly a very important part of a website, and they will definitely help you to advertise your products and services in a professional way.

Get higher conversions, clicks and sales almost without beating yourself up achieving it, in just 5 minutes you can impress your audience with
amazing pro quality social media and ad designs.

And all you need to edit them very easily is PowerPoint!

So know you can create high converting, captivating and engaging social media profiles and promotional ad designs for your local business by clicking
the link below:

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But Hurry Up! before the price goes up.

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Hey {firstname}, We all know that designing pro quality local business graphics and ads is VERY HARD WORK and time consuming correct?

Frankly and without any hesitation it is very important in online business to choose the right products and tools to help your local business succeed!

Amazing graphics give potential customers a much better understanding of your product or service in a professional way.

Potential buyers can see and understand your products and services much better before buying.

There is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Data shows us that Graphics sell products and services much more successfully than the product or service description does.

Pro quality graphics will always attract customers better and increase sales.

But how can you create pro quality graphics to brand your social media channels and ad campaigns professionally that actually convert?


EazyAds Local

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EazyAds Local is a massive (Over 1,000) local business social media branding and ad templates bundle which will help you showcase your local business
online in a professional way.

Honestly, purchasing EazyAds Local will turn you into a graphics guru instantly!

What is more is that you will get access to 1,000+ pre made pro quality social media and promotional ad templates in 20 HOT local business niches.

And best of all EVERY EazyAds Local template is 100% fully editable in PowerPoint with NO monthly fees!

Click the link below to grab your launch discount 80% OFF for a limited time!

Best Regards, YOUR NAME

Due to the nature of the product please contact Tony about review access.

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Want to blast some paid traffic at this evergreen offer? Sprinkle some ads on your blog? Well, our world class graphic artists have created some awesome, high-converting banners for you to use to promote this incredible product...


Don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything!

Tony Earp


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